How many scholarship applications do you expect to receive?

2013 was the first year we awarded scholarships and we only received 12 applicants for the CPL(H) scholarship. In 2016 we received 22 applications, so whilst it impossible to predict how many applications we will receive in 2018, the numbers are not expected to be high. Last year, we received only 19 applications! Bear in mind that previous applicants can apply for the scholarship again if they are unsuccessful so whilst we expect the number of applications for 2018 to increase, there is a limit to how many students we are able to train in a year and we typically get booked up very quickly in the last six months leading up to the scholarship deadline. It is therefore wise to plan to complete your PPL(H) in plenty of time to make the deadline (whilst the fastest student to complete a PPL(H) completed it in five weeks, you should typically allow two to three months full time and six to nine months if you are flying less frequently as there is also a written examination you need to pass as well as meeting the flying requirements before the scholarship deadline).