What is involved in the selection process after I have applied?

There are three phases to the selection process. You will first be invited to attend an interview lasting approximately 15 minutes. You will need to bring the items specified in section 10 of the application form with you to the interview for inspection by the panel. You will be asked about your future goals and intended career path as a helicopter pilot, as well as timescale and how you would support yourself during your training should you be awarded the scholarship. There will also be some general questions asked to learn more about your decision making processes and your personality. Selected candidates will be invited to attend a further meeting and deliver a presentation on any chosen subject lasting 15 minutes using Keynote or Powerpoint (projector, screen and remote/pointer will be provided). You may wish to prepare for this presentation well in advance in case you are selected so that you are well rehearsed to present to the panel. Should you be successful in the second phase, you will be invited to attend a final selection day involving a range of team building and individual exercises as well as another interview and presentation.