Why is Helicentre Aviation offering a Scholarship?

For twenty years we have been training new pilots from zero to commercial pilot and flight instructor, and we are always on the look out for the right people to join our team and fly for us. Our Chairman identified many years ago that a pilot shortage was on the horizon and that the need for assisting the right candidates achieve their objectives existed. Our success stories are plentiful; our former students are working in different roles all over the world living their dream, flying helicopters! We speak to hundreds of people every year who aspire to be commercial helicopter pilots, many of whom are unable to go beyond PPL(H) due to financial constraints given the high costs of hour building and advanced training. Choosing to become a commercial helicopter pilot is a life-changing decision and we are delighted for the seventh year running to be able to offer one of our motivated and passionate PPL(H) graduates the opportunity to realise their dream.