2019 Scholarship Programme Announced

We are pleased to announce that applications for the 2019 UK EASA Scholarship Programme are now open!

For the seventh year in a row, Helicentre Aviation is offering life changing scholarships to prospective applicants with two awards, one for commercial pilot training and the second for the flight instructor course.

Over the past six years, we have had great success through the scholarship programme with our winners going on to work as instructors and commercial pilots after having their professional training paid for in full. The progression continues for those pilots with routes into our larger commercial operations including aerial survey, as well as integration with future projects.

Our life changing scholarships were set up as a means to not only provide paid professional training to future pilots, but also for Helicentre Aviation to help grow new pilots who were hand picked to work as part of the company, which is always in need of an endless stream of instructors and pilots. It is in the very nature of the industry that pilots will ultimately move onwards and upwards and Helicentre Aviation is no different, creating opportunities for new budding aviators.

The UK CPL(H) scholarship is worth more than £50,000 and is the only scholarship of its kind, providing full funding for the commercial ground school, all required hour building, and the commercial modular flying course. In order to qualify for this scholarship, you need to have submitted a completed application form by the 31st of December 2018 and completed your Private Pilot Licence with is at Helicentre Aviation in Leicester by the 30th of September 2019.

The FI(H) scholarship covers the cost of the flying instructor course which is worth around £19,000. 100% of the flight instructors completing our EASA approved FI(H) course have landed their first instructing position immediately after completing the course.

You can find out more about our UK scholarship programme for 2019 by going to our UK EASA tab on the website. You can also download the application from by clicking here.

Alternatively, speak with one of our professional team by calling 0116 259 0186 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.