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Hot news! We have decided to start accepting scholarship applications as soon as training (on the PPL(H) or CPL(H) course, as applicable) has commenced. You will still need to complete the scholarship criteria by the 31st March deadline, but by handing your form in early, we will know how serious your are about applying and we can offer you frequent training reviews, advice and support to help you get through before the deadline. All you need to do is contact us on 0116 259 0186, get hold of an application form and we will get the ball rolling for you. If you want to get your application in early, simply complete all but section two of the form. Once you have passed your skill test, we can easily fill out the missing numbers in section two and get the required copies of your licence or skill test report form and logbook. It's worth noting that no matter how many applications come in, thirty, twenty or just one, the scholarship will be awarded to one lucky pilot in each category. It could be you… imagine that!