Less Than 7 Months Until the 2017 Application Deadline

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Whether you're applying for the CPL(H) or FI(H) scholarship, time is your worst enemy when it comes to making sure you have completed all the application requirements.

Remember that for the CPL(H) scholarship, you must have completed your PPL(H) with Helicentre Aviation before the 30th of September 2017. Starting now will ensure you have plenty of time to complete it in time. We always have a rush of students in August and September looking to get their tests done. Get it done early and relax in the knowledge that you have completed everything you need to.

The same goes for the FI(H) scholarship. If you are not currently flying with us at Helicentre, you could complete your CPL(H) course with us before the end of September, making you eligible for the FI(H) schoalrship. Book in your course now!

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of booking in your training as soon as possible!

Call us today on 0116 259 0186 for more information or to book.