Our 2018 Scholarship Interviews Are Underway!

We have begun interviewing our 2018 CPL(H) Scholarship applicants at our Leicester facilities!

The quality of candidates coming through our selection process is once again extremely high. All of our applicants have compelted their PPL(H) flight training here at Helicentre Avaition and we have gotten to know every signle one of them during that time. 

The first stage is an interview where our applicants sit down with the panel and their application form and begin with a fairly informal discussion. This gives us a chance to learn even more about each applicant and their intentions as they move into this exciting industry.

Secondly, we have a presentation stage which involves the applicants producing a 15 minute presentation on a topic of their choice and then presenting to our panel. We have seen topics ranging form how to play the drums, to complex science.

Finally, we hold a selection day after we've narrowed down the applicants to a final group. This day includes a range of activies, team-building and leadership exercies, and a lot more. It is both fulfilling and exhausting as you are challenged throughout the day.

We look forward to meeting the rest of our applicants and watching them go through our scholarship selection process. Good luck to everyone!