Janine Lythe

2017 CPL(H) Scholarship Winner

Janine Lythe from Northampton completed her PPL(H) training in 2016 under the instruction of fellow scholarship winner, Jop Dingemans. After missing the deadline that year, Janine came back in 2017 in spectacular fashion. “Janine’s exuberance, personality and natural ability to take the lead really stood out to the panel,” said Sarah Bowen, Head of Training.

Winners Story

Janine Completes her Confined Area Course

Janine recently completed her confined area course with flight instructor Stephen Davey in the Cabri G2.

This course includes advanced ground training on how to assess, recce and approach a confined area as well as the confined area landing techniques. After the ground school, the flying is broken into two sorties where Janine flew into smaller and more challenging landing sites throughout the course.

Janine said “the confined area course was a great way to further develop my skills and confidence; it provided an exciting opportunity to try a variety of approaches and take-offs into increasingly difficult landing sites." This is a skill that Janine also developed when flying in Florida as she explored some of the more remote and confined landing sites available to her.

Janine continued to describe the course for us. "Putting everything I’d learnt into action and landing at a private site was so much fun, but the highlight for me was making a successful approach into an area that I would not have thought possible at the beginning of the course. It really helps grow your planning and decision making skills. I can’t wait to use what I have learnt and land at a lovely pub in the beautiful countryside!” 

Now that Janine has completed the confined area course, she has more confidence and refreshed the techniques she may need to use to fly to hundreds of landing sites across the UK and explore some of these more remote and incredibly unique places. We look forward to seeing where Janine will go!

Janine hops over to France

Janine has been progressing through her hour building at an excellent rate and really making the most of the hours in preparation for the CPL(H) course. As part of her hour building, Janine had the opportunity to fly to France as part of a larger hour building trip involving 4 aircraft.

Two Cabri G2 and two R44 helicopters were involved in this trip of 5 hour building pilots and 4 flight instructors. Janine flew from Leicester to Lyon Bron over two days but unfortuntely, due to being restricted by time off work, she had to cut the trip short and did not quite make it to the Guimbal factory in Marseille.

Despite this, Janine had a very enjoyable time and gained a lot of experience on the way including flying along the London heli-lanes which takes a lot of preparation and planning as London control are strict and you really have to be on the ball. Janine did exactly that and prepared very well to be able to enter the heli-lanes where she was cleared through to London Bridge before continuing on to Headcorn for a fuel stop.

After taking on fuel, it was time to continue on to the channel crossing into France en route to Le Touquet which is where Janine and flight instructor Stephen Davey moved into the realm of French radio. This actually turned out to be just fine after first hearing a lot of French being spoken over the radio. The channel crossing was carried out at the shortest distance over water and they continued to Le Touquet for the first overnight stop.

On the next day, Janine began as a passenger in the back of an R44 from Le Touquet to Troyes. She then flew the second leg to Lyon Bron over the beautiful countryside of France. One of the main differences about flying through France is that they use half-mil charts only which cover a larger area but contain less detail than the quarter-mil charts we are used to using in the UK. Another notable difference was the number of restricted areas which need navigating around, over, under or through as required. 

Janine wasn't particularly phased by any of this as her flight planning was thorough which was then coupled with smooth flying and confident radio calls. The worst thing about this trip for Janine was simply that she couldn't go all the way to Marseille and back again. However, she was immensely happy that she could fly at least some of the trip and having the chance to fly the London heli-lanes was fantastic.

Janine continues to build hours in anticipation of her commercial course which begins later this month.

Janine is striding through her hours after stint in Florida

Since Janine was awarded the CPL(H) scholarship, she has been studying hard for her ATPL(H) exams with half already passed. Now, Janine has taken to the skies once again in her first stint of hour building which was carried out in Florida. 

Janine flew over 25 hours in 2 weeks enjoying the beautiful sunshine of Florida and taking advantage of the aircraft availability to explore the state. She flew the impressive NASA Shuttle Landing Facility runway on the East Coast and along the white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast. Janine flew with base manager, Callum, giving her the chance to fly to more places that she otherwise might not have flown. This included Yalaha Bakery, an exciting confined area 20 minutes north of Winter Haven which features a challening approach and lovely pastries and breads to take away.

This was the very beginning of Janine's hour building and really kicked things off nicely with such an exciting time expanding her skills and flying experience rapidly over the 2 weeks. Janine still has quite a few hours left to build and may still potentially come back to Florida for another stint. In the meantime, Janine will be studying hard to finish her exams at the end of the summer before continuing with her flying.

We look forward to the potential of welcoming Janine back to Florida once again and wish her luck in her final ATPL(H) exams.