Jop Dingemans

2015 FI(H) Scholarship Winner

Jop relocated to Leicester from the Netherlands to embark on his journey as a pilot. After completing his PPL(H) in 2014 and CPL(H) in 2015, Jop applied for the FI(H) scholarship and was selected from four candidates for the award. Jop will start his FI course straight away and has already been offered a position as a Flight Instructor within the company as soon as he has passed his flight assessment which is scheduled for January 2016.

Winners Story

Jop is out on patrol

Jop has been doing really well instructing and bringing thorugh students to completion of their PPL(H) courses. During this time, Jop has been building hours and experience at a fast rate which has brought him up to a new stage of progression.

He has begun training as an observer for our pipeline patrol operations, flying with some of the more experienced crews to learn the ropes before taking on this role more frequently. These patrols route across various parts of the UK and are required to be flown often as part of the ongoing contract. 

We are extrememly happy to see this kind of progression from our scholarship winners which is very much a part of what the scholarship program is all about. 

Keep up the great work Jop!

2015 FI(H) Scholarship Winner Jop Dingemans Gives Us An Update

Since I qualified I have flown about 300 hours as an instructor now and I am loving every moment of it. Not just the flying itself, but also seeing my students improve and getting their license after the training is very rewarding. The course prepared me very well for anything you can and can't expect.

With instructing, there are a lot of variables coming together such as personalities, teaching techniques and of course the technical aspects which makes every flight different and a lot of fun. It doesn't even feel like work but more like getting paid for doing the thing I love most.

I am sure I wouldn't have been at this point in my career if I decided 2.5 years ago to go somewhere else in the world for my flight training.

Jop Enjoying Teaching His New Students!

Jop continues to progress very well and he is really enjoying the teaching. Jop will soon become an unrestricted Flight Intsructor! He is an absolute inspiration and we are very proud of what Jop has brought to Helicentre Aviation as our Flight Intsructor Scholarship winner. We will keep you posted on our 2015 Flight Instructor Scholarship winners progress.

Jop Takes His First Student For A Lesson!

Jop says, "It was an incredible feeling" to take his first student for a lesson as a Flight Instructor. It was a proud moment for Jop and for Helicentre Aviation Academy. We are very pleased with Jop's achievement and we will keep you updated on his progress!

Jop Gives Us An Insight Into His FI(H) Course!

Jop Dingemans, our 2015 Flight Instructor (H) Scholarship winner, gives us an insight into his training! Jop says his FI(H) course is a lot about "Self-reflecting". Being able to analyse your own performance with an objective view is quite crucial and helps you getting the right attitude, there is always something to learn.  Jop says the course was indeed intense but at the same time "fun and rewarding". We look forward to Jop welcoming his first student very soon. We will keep you updated on our 2015 FI(H) Scholarship winners progress!

Jop Passes Flight Instructor Assessment of Competence!

Congratulations to Jop for completing his FI(H) Assessment of Competence today! Jop was tested for more than seven hours both in the air and in the classroom by Richard Craske, staff examiner from the Civil Aviation Authority. This is a massive milestone for Jop and it is thoroughly deserved! Well done! Next step for Jop is a trip to Gatwick Airport to collect his brand new FI(H) Certificate!

Jop Dingemans Starts Flight Instructor Course

Jop has started his Flight instructor course with Rida Burms as his coursemate. Captain Sarah Bowen is looking forward to teaching Jop and Rida who are scheduled to finish their course in the new year.