Michael Circus

2014 FI(H) Scholarship Winner

Michael Circus is from Kidderminster and started training to be a helicopter pilot in 2012. He was the first student go solo and subsequently qualify for his PPL(H) on the Cabri G2 at Helicentre Aviation Acaedmy. Michael excelled through his ATPL(H) exams and gave an excellent presentation to the scholarships panel in July 2014 which led to his scholarship award.

Winners Story

Michael Has Passed His RT Examiner Test

Congratulations to Michael who has passed the practical test to become an RT examiner.

Michael has been preparing, amongst flight instruction and piepline survey observation, to be able to test and issue Radio Telephony Licences.

The test included Michael briefing, examining and debriefing one of our own students in front of the CAA examiner and giving the student a pass or fail verdict. Michael now has the ability to examine for the issue a Flight Radio Telephony Operator Licence (FRTOL) which is required by all pilots to use the radio in the aircraft.

Well done again to him!

Captain Michael Circus Inspiring His Students!

Captain Michael Circus has been sharing his passion for flying with his current students as a Flight Instructor! He has taken his first student all the way through from zero experience and prepared him for his up and coming PPL (H) skills test. We will keep you updated about our 2014 FI(H) Scholarship winner. Are you inspired by Michael? Give us a call on 0116 259 0186!

Michael Doing Really Well! Two Students Flying With Michael With A Third Student Already Booked.

Michael is finding teaching rewarding and very varied. Michael is an inspiration to future Pilots. Michael has progressed nicely into becoming a heart of our team and an integral part of our instructor team.

Michael Flies to Ascot

Michael flew to Ascot yesterday on a charter. Flying commercially has given Michael some great experience to carry forward to instruction.

Michael Flys to Cheltnam Races

Michael has flown into Cheltnam on his first sporting event charter flight. He has gained some great experience and we expect that Michael will be tackling othr events later in the year such as Royal Ascot.

Michael Starts Flying Commercially!

Michael has gone for his first commercial flying job. He has been been one of our pilots for our pleasure flying weekend. His flights have been everything from taking people up for short buzz flights to longer Rutland water tours. We expect Michael to build up commercial experience over the coming months in preparation for his flight instructor course.

Michael Joins the Team!

Michael is coming to the end of his hour building and will soon be getting ready to start his Flight Instructor course, fully funded by Helicentre Aviation as part of his scholarship award. Michael is already a fully qualified Commercial Pilot and has taken on an additional role as part of Helicentre Aviation's training co-ordination team. It won't be long before Michael is instructing new helicopter pilots through their basic training. Welcome aboard Michael!

Michael Awarded FI(H) Scholarship!

Today at our Summer BBQ and Open Day we made the announcement that Michael has been awarded our 2014 FI(H) scholarship! Michael is rated on the Robinson R22, Cabri G2 and Bell 206, and once he has finished his remaining course hours he will start his FI(H) course and start his new job as a helicopter flight instructor and commercial pilot.