A flight covering the entire south of florida

Joe has been building experience gradually during his time in Florida and enjoying every second of it!

On Saturday, however, Joe stretched his legs a little farther afield and flew a full day across the South of Florida taking in some of the main attractions. He flew with Callum, the US base manager, who offered instruction to assist Joe who is still learning about some of the differences to flying in the UK. 

The route Joe took had four legs to it. The first was Winter Haven to Venice on the West Coast where they then had breakfast. The day started at 7am at the airport and they had lifted by 8am. After breakfast, it was down to Naples in the South West of Florida. On the way, Joe flew down the beaches on the Gulf which were spectacular with white sands and clear blue waters! There was plenty of wildlife to see as well with sharks, rays, dolphins and manatees all showing themselves en route. Joe was in contact with Fort Myers approach as they flew by their busy airspace and briefly had vectors for traffic before continuing South.

At Naples, Joe parked up and then carried out some flight planning for the next leg which was to be the longest of the day. He flew from Naples to Hollywood’s North Perry airport near Miami which took Joe and Callum across the Everglades National Park, over parts of South West Miami and even up Miami Beach! The busy airspace here, traffic to contend with, weather, and congested areas on the ground certainly had Joe focussed. 

After fuelling at Bobby’s Fuel Depot, the pair began the return journey up to Winter Haven with a departure away from the congested areas around the airport and out over the Everglades once again. Before long, they were passing the massive lake Okeechobee and over the swamps towards Orlando. The final arrival was at 6pm and a full day of flying was complete. Joe has benefitted greatly with this trip having seen loads of amazing places and learned a lot along the way. 

With Joe’s trip coming to an end later this week, there is still some flying to be had and we will bring you more updates as it happens.