Callum arrives in Florida!

Our new U.S. base manager has arrived in Florida and is setting up shop.

Callum will be running the base in Florida designed to attract hour building pilots to fly in the sunshine state on the Cabri G2 where the costs are reduced and the weather is much better, allowing flying on a regular basis. He will be assisting in marketing duties, student liason, operations oversight and management, as well as providing EASA instruction under our new ATO approval.

Part of his role is to show you just how amazing is is to fly in Florida and showcase all that it has to offer. Having done virtually all his hour building in the United States, Callum is well qualified to tell you what it’s like, what to expect and why you should go. He also has a lot of footage which he is using to great effect with impressive videos and imagery.

Callum is running our dedicated Florida social media and website where you can find out a lot more information about what it’s like out here, and all the information you need to get started on your licence conversion, or indeed to train directly with us.

We wish Callum the best of luck on this exciting venture!