Callum has become an unrestricted instructor!

When you are first granted instructor privileges on a licence, you are a restricted instructor which means that there must be supervision and that you cannot send students on first solo flights. This restriction is lifted after meeting certain requriements. These requirements are 100 hours of instruction and sending students on 25 solo exercises. 

Callum has achieved this in just over two months since he passed his FI(H) assessment of competence. He began instructional flying the day after his test and continued throughout the summer into Septmeber before meeting that target. Another trip to Aviation House to get the licence reissued now means that Callum is an unrestricted instructor.

This was something that Callum had to achieve before heading out to Florida as the only EASA instructor because there could be no supervision otherwise. It all worked out well and now EASA instruction can be given at the Winter Haven Airport base on the Cabri G2.

This is another huge milestone for Callum and he will continue to build his instructional experience in Florida.