Callum has Qualified as an FAA Certified Flight Instructor

We are delighted to congratulate 2015 CPL(H)/FI(H) sponsorship winner and US base manager, Callum Tinnion, on becoming an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).

Callum has been studying and training in the US around his work, making sure he met all the requirements that the FAA stipulates before undertaking his practical test on our US registered Cabri G2. Having taken 3 written tests, the CPL check-ride, and now the CFI check-ride, Callum is able to begin teaching FAA courses and US students.

Last weekend, Callum flew with his first customer in a 60 minute trial lesson over Orlando. This capability not only expands what Helicentre is capable of in Florida, but also provides a platform for conducting both FAA and EASA training for pilots.

Helicentre Aviation’s base at Winter Haven, Florida, carries an EASA ATO approval and with Callum now qualified as an FAA CFI, 14 CFR Part 61 training can also be carried out. Those pilots travelling from the UK to hour build in Florida will have to undergo a biennial flight review which will be flown with Callum. Previously, Simon Wiles would do this, or another CFI in Florida which would not always be convenient. The self-fly-hire pilot’s transition to US airspace will be more seamless now with this approval.

Callum looks forward to welcoming more local pilots and US customers to fly the Cabri at Winter Haven with interest growing every month.