Callum is back in Florida!

We have welcomed Callum back to the U.S. where he is building hours towards his FI(H) course which he will begin at the end of April.

We asked Callum what he thinks about flying in Florida and anything he has learnt over here. This is what he had to say.

‘Flying in Florida feels far more relaxed than in the UK which isn’t to say it’s any less safe, but it is certainly easier to get about which is a reflection on the fact that this is part of their way of life over here. Getting in and out of even the largest airports here is simple and efficient due to great interaction between the air traffic controllers and pilots. 

This helps to develop flying ability with a commercial frame of mind looking to keep flight operations as efficient as possible. When I flew to Key West International airport, a great amount of adaption was required to meet the situation that was developing. This began with the Naval Air Station at Key West requiring me to stay 1 mile south of the coast over the water due to an arriving C-17. Once they handed me to the International Airport, there was a departing American Airlines Embraer with more direction from ATC. Ultimately, my approach and landing was westbound initially with a 180 turn to the right into a hover taxi on the southern taxiway and then to parking. 

Key West is one example of many situations where adaption and situational awareness were pivotal in efficient flight operations for myself and other airspace users. Flying in America definitely made me more aware of what was going on around me as well as improving my radio communications. This was translated into my commercial course and I flew with a lot more confidence, particularly towards busier airspace areas.

Now back in the U.S., I plan on continuing my learning and I can’t emphasise enough how beneficial it is to fly in America and experience the differences that come with that! The amazing weather, scenery and beaches are also not to be sniffed at!’