Callum is making progress in his FI(H) course!

Sponsorship winner Callum Tinnion has been undergoing his Flight Instructor training.

Callum began his Flight Instructor course, alongside Stephen Davey, just over 3 weeks ago and has been making good progress as he moves towards completion of the Sponsorship award.

He went for his second stint in Florida to hour build between the CPL(H) and FI(H) courses and began the instructor course the day after getting back to the UK. The course is expected to last around 8 weeks, in which time, Callum will have developed the skills required to be able to teach new students beginning their helicopter pilot training.

With it being the run up to the summer and the nicer weather, Callum can expect to be kept fairly busy once he completes the course in late June.

Further updates to come as Callum moves through the Flight Instructor course.