Callum Tinnion Passes His CPL(H) Skills Test

Callum has passed his Commercial Pilot Flight Exam!

Our 2015 CPL(H)/FI(H) Sponsorship Winner, Callum Tinnion, had some good weather today to get through a well flown CPL(H) skills test.

Since the middle of January, Callum has been training alongside Geoff Loftus on the commercial course under the instruction of Morgan Whiting battling through the winter weather.

Now that Callum has completed the CPL(H) section of his Sponsorship, he will be moving on towards completion of the FI(H) section which involves some further hour building before beginning his Instructor course in April.

Callum will be travelling out to Florida again to build hours and assist with hour building activities for several other students who will be going out there in the coming months.

Well done!