Congratulations to Callum on becoming a flight instructor!

Congratulaitons to Callum on passing his assessment of competence, making him the latest addition to the Helicentre Aviation team as a flight instructor!

The Flight Instructor Course has lastest around 8 weeks, in which time Callum has worked extrememly hard under the guidance of Capt. Simon Wiles and Capt. Sarah Bowen in preparation for this test.

There was no time to rest however as Callum began work the following day taking his very first student on a trial lesson before welcoming a new starter on their PPL(H) course and carrying out another training flight on the Sunday.

Callum began his CPL(H) studies in late February last year and studied for a stright 6 months before beginning the hour building stages of his sponsorship award. From the start of those studies up until flying with his very first student this past weekend, Callum has taken just 16 months! The sponsorship program has been a wonderful success bringing Callum through from PPL level all the way to FI(H) in such a short space of time. Callum said himself that he is ‘very excited about making this transition from training to working as a pilot’ and is excited about beginning his career.

There is plenty of work lined up for Callum over the summer with new starters beginning their trianing in order to make the scholarship deadline on the 30th of September. Once he builds enough experience instructing, Callum can become an unrestricted instructor and will then be moving out to Florida in order to teach EASA PPL(H) courses in the sunshine state!

A huge congratulations to Callum once again on passing his FI(H) course and we look forward to working with him as he begins his instructor career!