James Begins his Flight Instructor Course

In 2014, James from Leicester was awarded our CPL(H) Scholarship, which helped fund him through all the post PPL(H) training he needed to reach a Commercial Pilot status. This included the ATPL(H) Theoretical Knowledge course, hour building, an R44 Type Rating and the Commercial Course itself.

Over the course of James’s hour building, he had an amazing opportunity to travel to Poland and fly a new addition to Helicentre’s fleet back to the UK, as well as trips to Ireland and lots of local flying both the R44 and Cabri G2. This involved flying into lots of posh hotels for afternoon tea; all paid for by Helicentre Aviation (the flying, not the afternoon tea!).

James went on to gain his CPL(H) in 2016 and join our team of Commercial Pilots. Since then, James has spent around a year piloting our experience and charter flights, which we run for the public. Whilst working as a Commercial Pilot, James said: “Flying commercially has been amazing as it has allowed me to indulge in my passion for flying, whilst being paid for the privilege. The hours I have built up so far have helped me an enormous amount to prepare for my Flight Instructor course next year.”

James is now back at Helicentre and has begun his training as part of the Flight Instructor course, which he is hoping to finish at the end of this month. Once passed as a Flight Instructor, James will begin woking at Helicentre Aviation teaching the new budding pilots that come through our doors. James said: “I am so thankful to Helicentre for giving me the opportunity to continue my training after I completed my PPL(H). It has allowed me to advance at a rate I could have never have imagined and it is the reason I am where I am today. I would encourage everyone who is looking to pursue a career as a helicopter pilot to apply and the fact they now offer part-funded scholarships gives applicants an even bigger chance of being awarded some much needed funding.”

If you’d like to follow in James’ footsteps, you can send us an enquiry by filling out our online enquiry form or call us on 0116 259 0186. For FAQs and information about our past winners, please visit the relevant tabs at the top of the page.