Janine Completes her Confined Area Course

Janine recently completed her confined area course with flight instructor Stephen Davey in the Cabri G2.

This course includes advanced ground training on how to assess, recce and approach a confined area as well as the confined area landing techniques. After the ground school, the flying is broken into two sorties where Janine flew into smaller and more challenging landing sites throughout the course.

Janine said “the confined area course was a great way to further develop my skills and confidence; it provided an exciting opportunity to try a variety of approaches and take-offs into increasingly difficult landing sites.” This is a skill that Janine also developed when flying in Florida as she explored some of the more remote and confined landing sites available to her.

Janine continued to describe the course for us. “Putting everything I’d learnt into action and landing at a private site was so much fun, but the highlight for me was making a successful approach into an area that I would not have thought possible at the beginning of the course. It really helps grow your planning and decision making skills. I can’t wait to use what I have learnt and land at a lovely pub in the beautiful countryside!” 

Now that Janine has completed the confined area course, she has more confidence and refreshed the techniques she may need to use to fly to hundreds of landing sites across the UK and explore some of these more remote and incredibly unique places. We look forward to seeing where Janine will go!