Janine is striding through her hours after stint in Florida

Since Janine was awarded the CPL(H) scholarship, she has been studying hard for her ATPL(H) exams with half already passed. Now, Janine has taken to the skies once again in her first stint of hour building which was carried out in Florida. 

Janine flew over 25 hours in 2 weeks enjoying the beautiful sunshine of Florida and taking advantage of the aircraft availability to explore the state. She flew the impressive NASA Shuttle Landing Facility runway on the East Coast and along the white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast. Janine flew with base manager, Callum, giving her the chance to fly to more places that she otherwise might not have flown. This included Yalaha Bakery, an exciting confined area 20 minutes north of Winter Haven which features a challening approach and lovely pastries and breads to take away.

This was the very beginning of Janine’s hour building and really kicked things off nicely with such an exciting time expanding her skills and flying experience rapidly over the 2 weeks. Janine still has quite a few hours left to build and may still potentially come back to Florida for another stint. In the meantime, Janine will be studying hard to finish her exams at the end of the summer before continuing with her flying.

We look forward to the potential of welcoming Janine back to Florida once again and wish her luck in her final ATPL(H) exams.