Joe begins his flight instructor course

Joe has begun the next stage of his training as he begins the flight instructor course at Helicentre.

This course will be the most intense Joe has faced but he will come out the other side with the qualification that allows him to impart knowledge to others and teach new PPL students. The course will last approximately 6 – 8 weeks giving plenty of time to pick up the new skills and devlop the knowledge required to be a good instructor. 

Joe has just finished flying in Florida and building hours towards the FI(H) certificate which requires a total of 250 hours. With the recent experience and commitment to study, Joe is entering this course with the right mindset to work hard and grow as a pilot.

Deputy Chief Flying Instructor, Simon Wiles, is conducting the course as his second full FI(H) course. Joe is training alongside fellow commercial pilot, Geoff Loftus, who has been carrying out multiple charter flights and pleasure flying duties as a means to building his hours towards becoming a flight instructor.

We wish Joe and Geoff the best of luck throughout their course and we will keep you up to date with Joe’s progress.