Joe is enjoying his hour building in Florida

Recent CPL(H) course graduate Joe Hynes is in Florida enjoying the sunshine and taking in the sights as he buzzes around in our U.S. registered Carbi G2. 

Joe has been flying partly with Callum as he gets up to speed with some of the differences in terminology, radio phraseology, airspace, and the environment in which he is operating. He has soon picked up a lot of the information that he learned when studying up for his biennial flight review. 

Joe’s adventures so far have included a trip to the NASA Shuttle Landing Facility where he flew the historic runway before taking a trip to the Kennedy Space Centre. Joe has also taken advantage of flying around some of the sights of Orlando and visitied Kissimmee airport as well as taking his Dad on several flights during his visit.

We will keep you updated on the upcoming trips that Joe has planned. Stay tuned for more!