Joe returns to the UK

Joe has completed his hour building between CPL(H) and FI(H) courses which was carried out in the US at our Florida base.

Having completed his commercial pilot training in the UK, Joe has been putting into practice the commercial mindset of flying efficiently and coordinating his movements particularly when arriving or departing from airports. One of the main differences Joe noticed when flying in Florida was how easy it was for helicopters to fly into and out of a controlled airport with ATC always being so accommodating and helpful. It’s even easier at an uncontrolled airport as these require blind calls only and it is the pilot’s discretion how to arrive at the airfield. This made the departures and arrivals interesting and a lot of fun.

Joe has flown to some impressive places as you already know, since he went to the NASA Shuttle Landing Facility. He has also flown two other larger trips covering most of Florida when he flew down to Naples along the gulf coast, across the Everglades, up Miami Beach and over parts of Miami, before returning to Winter Haven. The other flight was over North Florida when he visited some more remote airports including Cedar Key on the Gulf Coast which is a tiny airstrip right on the seafront with intricate landscapes surrounding it. This flight also continued over to Jacksonville before returning back to Winter Haven with a route over the top of the Disney World Theme Parks. 

As mentioned, Joe has found this time both valuable and memorable for many reasons. He is now looking forward to getting stuck into his flight instructor course which will be an intensive 6-8 weeks of learning, studying and of course, flying.