Luke arrives in Florida!

Luke has arrived in Florida and has hit the ground running with a busy day being introduced to all the facilites and operational differences that go on in Florida. Sponsorship winner Callum Tinnion took Luke flying today for his first introductory flight in the U.S. where he got to experience 35 degree Celcius heat, clear blue skies, and views that beat a dismal day in the UK! 

They flew around the local area to Winter Haven airport before going up the West side of Orlando, over the top of Walt Disney World, and around the Lake Apopka. Luke got the chance to appreciate some of the differences in flying in the U.S. as well as listening to the local ATC which also involves several noteable differences including the use of ‘flight following’. Luke will begin flying later this week once the final licence verification processes are completed.

Despite the jet lag, Luke says that he is extremely excited to be here and is already thoroughly enjoying the great weather! 

Luke will be flying into the Sun’n’Fun airshow and expo at Lakeland Linder regional airport later this week, the first exciting opportunity for Luke to get some great experience flying helicopters in Florida!

Stay up to date with Luke’s activites and flying experiences as we bring you blog updates over the next few weeks!