Luke takes the controls in the skies above Florida

Luke is now racking up the hours as he explores Florida, flying down coastlines and over vast open areas in the beautiful sunshine.

He has begun flying into controlled airports such as Kissimmee and has also ventured south to Arcadia, an uncontrolled airport similar to Winter Haven.

As his confidence and experience levels build, Luke will fly further afield and this weekend, fly down to the Florida Keys, one of the most amazing places in all of Florida.

Some of the main things that Luke will develop of the coming weeks are his radio telephony skills (as he speaks to more and more controlling ATC units), his situational awareness (by experiencing how different individual airports operate and in more or less built up areas), and his ability to fly with a more commercial mindset, which comes from making arrivals and departures to airports as efficient as possible. All of these skills, amongst many others, are working towards becoming a commercial pilot. The experience is invaluable as well as great fun!

Luke also flew with the doors off the aircraft yesterday as he and Callum went flying around the local area and spotted several alligators too!

Keep checking back for updates on Luke’s exciting time in Florida!