One year working in Florida

Callum has been working just over a year in Florida and has been reflecting on his time in the sunshine state.

Over the course of the past year, Callum has been helping to establish the US base and encourage hour building pilots to visit Florida in order to increase their range of flying experience under different regulations and in unfamiliar territory. 

Since last September when Callum arrived, he has qualified as an FAA commercial pilot and certified flight instructor which has allowed him to instruct under both EASA and FAA regulations. Pilot’s from the UK who hour build in Florida require a biennial flight review which is carried out by Callum before the pilot’s start exploring the far reaches of Florida. 

Over the past year, Callum has gained a lot of experience across several flight roles and by flying to unique and different destinations on a regular basis. The challenges of the Florida weather also add to his experience and over time, Callum has developed an understanding and appreciation for how helicopter aviation operates in the US compared to the UK which has helped visiting pilots and students with a smooth transition.

Not only this, but by flying so much across the state, Callum has a fantastic list of places worth flying to or flying over; this is not just in terms of beautiful places and fun flying, but also making the most of more challenging airspace and really advancing pilot skill.

Much of Callum’s role has been to help hour building pilots advance towards their commercial courses through maximising their experiences in Florida. Challenging them and throwing them in the deep end has helped advance their confidence and very quickly encourage so many skills to develop such as planning, communication and preparation, not to mention fling accuracy and cockpit resource management.

Callum has really enjoyed this role and the kind of advanced training he has been doing has been enjoyable for the pilots, especially as some of the flying they do in Florida is just simply not possible or available in the UK.