What is Morgan doing in 2017?

Morgan has been very busy over the past year with instruction and commercial operations to keep him on his toes.

He has built considerable hours and experience teaching PPL(H) students, including some of our most recent scholarship winners, which has helped him progress further in his flying career. Morgan is now approved to instruct for the commercial pilot licence and recently completed two more courses with more lined up for later this year.

As well as the instruction, Morgan has been working in commercial operations including pleasure flying, charter, and pipeline survey. Recently, Morgan was pleasure flying which is something he has done for some time now at Helicentre with private charter also forming part of his weekly routine, particularly across the summer and to special events such as Silverstone.

Morgan has also been flying more and more utility operations. He is a reserve pilot for our National Grid contract and flies regularly on routine pipeline surveys that Helicentre operates for a number of blue chip clients. The Cabri G2 aerial work that we do takes Morgan and an observer across parts of the UK patrolling the lines to make sure there is no tampering or unexpected sights on the route. Morgan also flies the R44 in this capacity when it is required. Many of his flights will be alongside other scholarship winners including Mike Circus and now Jop Dingemans who has recently started gaining valuable experience in the utility role.

We are so happy to see Morgan progressing in his flying career and look forward to what’s next for him!